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Clarins Extra Firming Skincare Range

By Di Digard

Giant leap for Clarins

There’s a powerful new botanical ingredient in Clarins’ brand-new Extra-firming Day and Night Creams. And it’s got Di's skin bouncing…

KANGAROO FLOWER. Who knew that was a thing? Not me. But I liked the sound of them. Actually the full name is kangaroo paw flower, they come from (brace yourselves for the big reveal) Australia, and they can’t get enough of them in California. Or Japan. Or at Clarins, as it turns out, because the exotic, deep-red blooms are a key ingredient in their new, Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams.

‘Extra’ and ‘firming’ - that’s a magic word-combo for anyone of my (mature) vintage. Anything that promises to ‘put the spring back into your skin’ is worth checking out. If natural ingredients are involved all the better, and there are plenty of them in these two new beauties - plus a reassuring dollop of science. I won’t blind you with it, because during initial research my eyes glazed over somewhere between the words ethnobotanists and fibroconectin. What perked me up was the promise of smooth, even, visibly firmer skin, and overnight regeneration.

The botanical extract is key - kangaroo flowers are highly successful regenerators thanks to their irresistibility to birds, and that natural ability is harnessed here. ‘I’ll have a bit of that,’ the birds think, and now, so can we.

What more can I tell you? The creams are gorgeous. My skin lapped them up, especially the night cream, which has a reassuringly dense texture (shades of Creme de la Mer) that sinks in almost instantly. I set great store by night creams: that’s when the most intense regeneration happens and you need something with welly.

The day cream is a delight: I loved the way it prepared and smoothed my face for the day’s base. That they smell good and come in beautiful, heavy-glass pots goes without saying: Clarins always gets that right. It takes a powerful beast to prise me from my beloved Elemis Pro-Collagen creams but this pair is pushing all the buttons. My (newly peeled) face isn’t just lapping them up. It’s loving them.

* I say: In short, this new combination of organic plant extracts works on the bits we want to preserve, encourage and increase - collagen, elastin and worryingly-named but important fibroblasts.

 * They say: Expert firming wrinkle control day cream with a fresh and silky texture that puts the spring back into your skin. Key ingredient, extract of kangaroo flower, helps plump and firm the skin for a smoother, radiant and visibly younger-looking complexion, wrinkles visibly reduced, facial contours appear sculpted, instant smoothing effect,radiance, skin protected from the harmful effects of pollution

Extra Firming Day Cream All Skin Types, £48.30  
Extra Firming Day Cream for Dry Skin, £48.30
Extra Firming Day Cream SPF15 All Skin Types, £48.30
Extra Firming Night Cream All Skin Types, £51.70
Extra Firming Night Cream for Dry Skin, £51.70





Dr Schrammek Green Peel

By Di Digard

Green Peel

This month, Di Digard gives the green light to a peel that’s ideal for treating your skin to a post-winter re-fresh. And not a chemical in sight…

THE old man stood stock-still, brow furrowed and wearing an expression of mild horror. ‘What happened?’ he said. ‘You look as if you’ve had a day in Herm and forgot the sunscreen.’

Actually, it felt worse than that. My face was on red-alert. I could feel it sending out Belisha-beacon-style, infra-red waves. Every time I touched it, it prickled, very lightly, like a thousand little furry cactus spikes were sitting under the surface. This evening, I realised, we would mostly be staying in. But that was as bad as it got. Which surprised me, because I’d cleared the diary in preparation for this Dr Schrammek Green Peel, expecting to skulk round looking like a giant flake for the following five days.

‘It isn’t going to be relaxing,’ Amelia had warned me. ‘This one is results-driven.’ Green peels are the kinder, completely natural cousins of the far more radical chemical peel, but with the same aim: to speed up the natural process of skin renewal from 28 days to five. And you can tailor them to suit: a gentle (no-peel) version for an instant freshen-up; an ‘energy’ peel (again, no down-time) to stimulate cell-renewal and target specific problems including acne and pigmentation; and the Classic, which I tried. This is the full-on, ‘new skin in five days’ version that may require a bit of diary-juggling.

It’s all very straightforward. Amelia cleansed and toned my skin, decided what needed doing and talked me through the choices.

A clearing gel prepared my face for treatment and while that was working she mixed up the herbal paste that would do the heavy lifting.

A Classic Peel requires 3g of dried herbs, which is a fair old whack - horsetail, marigold, aloe vera and camomile were mentioned but there are many more involved as well as algae. The result smells unmistakably organic - there’s a whiff of greenness that leans towards compost rather than summer meadows - but no pain, etc…

The slightly uncomfortable bit comes next. Amelia spent eight minutes massaging in this magic mix, which tingles in a reassuringly workmanlike way, then covers the face with gauze to keep it hydrated for 20 minutes. And that’s the last your face sees of water for the next five days.

Once the herbal mixture is removed, a special care cream and blemish balm is applied - and that’s pretty much it, for the time being. Off you trot looking a little pink - my fire engine look developed an hour later - and with a home-care kit to help see you through the rest of the five-day process.

Rules for this include not getting your face wet, as moisture neutralises the effect of the herbs. (That includes perspiration, so no showers, no hair washing and no strenuous exercise. Tricky, but not impossible).

Acne Model - Before & After


The kit includes a herbal lotion with which you’ll cleanse and tone twice a day, plus special care or regulating cream to apply at night. In the daytime, those on the Classic treatment can also use a BB cream which is thick enough to cover any residual redness, comes in a choice of colours, covers well and adds such a healthy glow I considered buying a full-sized tube.

The following morning the redness had completely disappeared. On day three the first flakes were visible and on day four peeling was in full swing. I found that the BB cream helped to keep it aesthetically manageable and was perfectly happy to be out and about, but everyone is different. If you exfoliate regularly your peel may not be dramatic; if you don’t, this is a chance to regenerate both the skin and the beauty regime.

On the fifth day, a finishing facial involving more herbs and a calming mask is much more relaxing, and the process is complete. You come away with baby-soft, fresh-looking skin that actually does glow. Not a hint of dullness or grey remains. That effect lasts for weeks and can be prolonged by adopting or maintaining a good beauty routine. Post-peel, the skin will be super-receptive to absorbing your usual products, or you can buy Dr Schrammek merchandise to carry on the work.

It takes a bit of thought and planning - you probably won’t want to book one in the same week as a big work presentation or just before a holiday - it takes time for the skin to settle, and it’s super-important to wear high SPF sunscreen (factor 50, preferably) to protect the new skin. But as a reboot for the skin that will set it up for spring and beyond, I’d say it’s time well-spent.

Dr Schrammek Green Peel Classic Treatment Package costs £250.00 and is inclusive of the initial facial treatment, the skincare package (worth £75) to take home and the beauty finish facial on day 5 after your treatment. To book your consultation call The Day Salon on: 01481 727 191

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